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Company Law

The lawyers at CHEVRIER & FAVARI have extensive expertise in Luxembourg company law, enabling us to offer a full range of services in this sector to support you, both in the day-to-day running of your business and in the event of a dispute.

Here is a presentation of our main areas of expertise in this field:

  1.    Shareholders’ disputes
  2.    Directors’ and officers’ liability
  3.    Company restructuring
  4.    Corporate assistance
  5.    Insolvency law

1. Shareholders’ disputes

Within a company, disputes can arise for a variety of reasons, from disagreements over the management of the business to the distribution of dividends or preferential rights.

Our lawyers specialising in this area of company law work to find harmonious solutions, whether through mediation, arbitration or, as a last resort, legal proceedings to :

  • Suspend or cancel resolutions passed by corporate bodies (boards of directors, general meetings)
  • Appoint a provisional administrator, an ad hoc representative or implement seizure or sequestration measures.

We work closely with our clients to protect their rights and interests, while seeking to preserve the health and stability of the company concerned.

2. Directors’ and officers’ liability

In any business, management decisions can have major consequences for shareholders, employees and partners.

Sometimes these decisions can lead to accusations of negligence or mismanagement.

Our lawyers offer invaluable expertise in defending directors against such allegations or, conversely, in advising aggrieved parties on possible remedies, particularly in relation to the process for resigning or removing a director.

In the event of litigation, we will be ready to assist you during the pre-litigation phase in order to find an amicable solution, and, if necessary, to represent you before the Luxembourg courts.

    3. Company restructuring

    In a constantly changing economic world, many companies have to rethink their business model, review their structure or merge with other entities in order to remain competitive.

    Our lawyers advise companies through these complex periods, in particular by preparing contractual documentation (share transfer agreements, shareholders’ agreements) to ensure compliance with local regulations and a smooth transition for all stakeholders.

      4. Corporate assistance

      Among the wide range of activities related to corporate services, our lawyers can help you prepare resolutions for general meetings or boards of directors to ensure the day-to-day operation and governance of companies.

      We ensure that these documents are drafted clearly, correctly and in the best interests of your company.

      These documents are of paramount importance in providing a link between shareholders, management and other stakeholders.

      5. Insolvency law

      Unfortunately, not all businesses succeed, and some may find themselves facing insurmountable financial difficulties.

      Faced with forced recovery measures that your company cannot cope with, we are able to advise you on your recovery options and your obligations in terms of declaring bankruptcy, and on the liabilities underlying such insolvency proceedings.

      Our aim is to ensure that the rights and interests of directors, shareholders and employees are protected to the full.

      If you are a creditor of a company that has just been declared bankrupt, we can also assist you in preparing and filing a statement of claim.

      We are committed to making the life of your business legally secure, by anticipating risks and helping you to deal with any incident. Our client-focused approach ensures that each service is tailored to your specific needs, adding value at every stage.

      Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for further information on company law in Luxembourg.

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