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Family Law


The lawyers at CHEVRIER & FAVARI advise you on family law matters – particularly divorce – in Luxembourg and represent you before the Luxembourg courts in the event of litigation.

Our law firm has a strong reputation in this area of law and offers a full range of services covering many aspects of family law.

Our lawyers provide you with support and assistance in Luxembourg with a particular attentiveness and increased availability – with a view to safeguarding your interests – in the management of family relationships, whether this involves separation, divorce or inheritance, as well as the establishment of parentage.

Here is an overview of our main areas of activity in this sector:

  1.  Divorce and separation
  2.  Adoption
  3.  Legal parenthood
  4.  Estate planning
  5.  Child protection
  6.  Marriage and partnership contracts



    1. Divorce and separation: your specialised lawyers in Luxembourg

    Divorce is a complex process that can have significant legal, financial and emotional implications. Our law firm can provide you with comprehensive legal support in Luxembourg, whether the divorce is by mutual consent or contentious. We can also advise you in the event of separation.

    In Luxembourg, our lawyers work with spouses who agree on the principle of divorce and all the resulting consequences (accommodation, residence of children, maintenance, liquidation, etc.) to draw up their divorce agreement by mutual consent and monitor the file until the divorce decree by mutual consent is transcribed.

    In the event of contentious divorce proceedings, we draw up petitions for divorce on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown, taking into account the particular circumstances of your situation after listening to your personal and family expectations. We will be at your side during the hearings before the family court judge and we will support you beforehand and before the notary in matters relating to the liquidation of the joint property or undivided property that has existed between the spouses.

    Our law firm also assists unmarried couples with minor children who are separating by drafting a joint petition to determine the arrangements for exercising parental authority, determining the children’s habitual place of residence, determining visiting and accommodation rights and determining any maintenance to be paid by one parent for the upkeep and education of the joint children.

    In the event of persistent disagreement, we will be able to support and advise you by setting up legal proceedings or defending your interests following the initiation of litigation by the other party with a view to obtaining the habitual residence of the minor child or children as well as alimonies.


    2. Adoption

    Adoption is a procedure that allows a person or couple to legally adopt a child.

    Our law firm advises and assists prospective adoptive parents, drafting applications for full or simple adoption before the District Court and accompanying clients to hearings.

    We ensure that all stages of the procedure are respected and that the rights of all parties involved are preserved.

    Our specialist lawyers can also guide same-sex couples through the adoption process.

    Our team keeps abreast of all national and international legislation on the subject to take account of the many nationalities present in Luxembourg and therefore the many laws applicable in this area.


    3. Legal parenthood

    Problems sometimes arise when a parent refuses to recognise a parent-child relationship, or when there are doubts as to its reality.

    In such cases, our law firm prepares and drafts writs of summons in matters of legal parenthood, whether in actions to establish or contest paternity.


    4. Estate planning

    Estate planning is essential to ensure that a person’s estate is passed on in accordance with his or her wishes after death.

    Our firm has lawyers who specialise in inheritance law and help our clients to draw up wills, plan gifts and settle any disputes that may arise in relation to inheritance matters.

    We also assist heirs with the administrative procedures involved in accepting, refusing or managing an estate. 


    5. Child protection

    Child protection issues are of great importance.

    Our law firm assists our clients in Luxembourg in matters such as child custody, visiting rights, establishing paternity or contesting paternity, as well as in youth protection proceedings.

    We are also qualified to assist and accompany minors under the child representation mandate in all proceedings brought or to be brought before the family court or youth court.


      6. Marriage and partnership contracts

      Before entering into marriage or a legal partnership (PACS), it is a good idea to put clear agreements in place. Our firm helps couples draw up marriage contracts or partnership agreements to define their mutual rights and obligations.

        In Luxembourg, family law is a vast and multifaceted field that requires specialist expertise. Our law firm prides itself on providing high-quality legal services in all areas of family law, guaranteeing our clients professional and sympathetic assistance at every stage of their legal journey.

        Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for any further information regarding divorce and family law matters in Luxembourg.


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