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Public Law


The lawyers at CHEVRIER & FAVARI have extensive expertise in Luxembourg public law, enabling us to offer a full range of services in this sector.

Below is a presentation of our main areas of practice in this field:

  1.  Environmental law
  2.  Urban planning
  3.  Financial penalties
  4.  Classified establishments
  5.  Recognition of diplomas
  6.  Civil service
  7.  Driving license



    1. Environmental law

    With the current challenges of climate change and the need for an ecological transition, this branch of law has become paramount, and we are proud to have extensive experience in this field.

    Our law firm advises businesses, local authorities and private individuals on their legal obligations, particularly with regard to emissions, the management of natural resources and compliance with environmental standards.

    We also deal with issues relating to permits issued by ministerial and local authorities, whether to appeal against decisions to refuse them or to challenge them where they have been issued to third parties (neighbours, industry) and where there is an environmental impact.

    Our lawyers also assist developers of renewable energy projects (wind turbines, solar panel installations) with the planning and implementation of such facilities.

    Finally, we act in all disputes relating to environmental damage before the civil and administrative courts.


    2. Urban planning

    Town planning law is also at the heart of our expertise in Luxembourg.

    In a country where space is precious and development needs are numerous, there are many issues at stake: construction, renovation, conversion or even demolition.

    Our firm’s lawyers can help you in Luxembourg not only with the administrative formalities involved in obtaining planning permission, but also in contesting a refusal.

    We can also be consulted to determine whether it is possible to effectively oppose the issuance of a permit to a neighbour.

    Finally, we have specialist expertise in preparing and examining complaints in connection with the adoption of planning instruments (PAG, PAP, master plans, etc.).


    3. Financial penalties

    As a renowned financial centre, Luxembourg is subject to a strict regulatory framework, and many authorities have an arsenal of sanctions at their disposal in the event of failure to comply with a legal obligation.

    These sanctions can be found at tax level (in particular through the setting of fines or the calling of corporate officers as guarantors), or in terms of compliance in more varied areas (competition law, data protection, breaches of obligations to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, insufficient due diligence by the auditing professions).

    Companies and financial institutions are often faced with these regulatory challenges, and the lawyers in our firm are well equipped to advise them, whether on compliance issues or in the event of disputes with the regulatory authorities.

    This includes assistance in the pre-litigation phase as well as representation before the administrative courts in the event of an appeal against the imposition of a penalty.


    4. Classified establishments

    The law on establishment authorisations, commonly known as commodo/incommodo regulations in Luxembourg, governs the formalities required for the creation and operation of facilities that may present nuisances or dangers for people or the environment.

    This legal framework draws a distinction between activities that are likely to cause inconvenience (commodo) and those that require specific monitoring because of their potential incommodo.

    Our law firm offers in-depth expertise in this area, helping companies to navigate through these complex regulations to ensure compliance and operational safety, intervening in particular to lodge an appeal if such authorisation is refused.


    5. Recognition of diplomas

    The law relating to the recognition of diplomas in Luxembourg is of great importance in a globalised world where professional mobility is commonplace.

    This area of law aims to establish mechanisms for recognising qualifications obtained abroad, thereby facilitating the professional integration of individuals in Luxembourg.

    In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this process is governed by precise legal texts, ensuring that candidates’ skills and qualifications are assessed fairly and transparently.

    In this context, our law firm provides advice, support and representation for our clients, whether they are individuals seeking to prove their foreign qualifications or companies wishing to recruit talent from abroad.


      6. Civil service

      Civil service law is another of our key practice areas in Luxembourg.

      We assist civil servants and numerous public bodies (municipalities, administrations, public establishments) with career management (for example, in the event of a request to carry out an ancillary activity), mobility and workplace disputes, in order to ensure that the rights and duties of civil servants are respected.

      Our lawyers act in disciplinary proceedings, both in the preparatory phase and when appealing against a sanction before the administrative courts.

        7. Driving license

        Our administrative law practice in Luxembourg also covers issues relating to the withdrawal of driving licences.

        In a society where mobility is essential, the loss of a driving licence can have dramatic personal and professional consequences.

        Our firm’s lawyers defend the rights of motorists, whether they are challenging traffic offences or licence withdrawal proceedings.


        In conclusion, our law firm covers a broad spectrum of public law in the Luxembourg context. We are committed to providing a quality service, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, while remaining at the forefront of legal developments in this area. Whatever the nature of your public law concern, we are here to guide and assist you.

        Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for further information on public law in Luxembourg.


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