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The Team


Maître Fanny CAQUARD


(Avocat à la Cour)

Fanny CAQUARD holds a master’s degree from the University of Nancy, France, with specialisation in private law.

She was admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in 2009 and practised for over 8 years with James Junker law firm.

During that time she specialised in labour law and social security law, and civil and commercial litigation (in particular contract law, civil liability, lease and tenancy law, debt recovery).

Fanny’s experience allows her to advise both companies and individuals with commitment, both outside of legal proceedings in order to determine the strategy that best serves their interests in case of litigation, as well as in case of litigation.

She will accompany and represent clients throughout the proceedings in front of the civil, commercial, social and administrative courts.

Fanny speaks French and English, and has some knowledge of Italian.

Sabrina LARDJANE Avocat Luxembourg profil

Maître Sabrina LARDJANE


(Avocate exerçant sous son titre d’origine)

Sabrina LARDJANE holds two master’s degrees: one in Corporate Legal Management from the University of Paris X – Nanterre and another in Business Law with specialisation in bilingual French-Spanish comparative law from the University of Madrid – Rey Juan Carlos.

Sabrina has over 15 years of experience working with private and public economic actors.

Whilst Sabrina focused on private law in her studies, she has gained extensive professional experience in public procurement and has worked on complex contract law projects in the IT and construction sectors.

Her deep knowledge in contractual techniques is a valuable addition to her skillset as a general practitioner and to her specific skills in corporate law, commercial law, real estate law and intellectual property (ICT).

Sabrina has extensive experience in assisting clients throughout the whole lifespan of their projects, including from their inception, and is therefore able to offer an efficient and pragmatic approach to her work.

Sabrina is a member of the Luxembourg and Paris Bars. She speaks French and Spanish, and has a good command of English.



Maître Mathilde BONINSEGNA


(Avocat à la Cour)

Mathilde BONINSEGNA holds a master’s degree from the University of Metz, France, with a specialisation in business law. She was admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in 2021.

After several internships in multidisciplinary law firms, Mathilde worked as a lawyer in a reputable Luxembourg law firm specialised in litigation where she dealt with complex labour law and real estate law cases, as well as with public law cases (with a focus on public procurement and competition law).

This experience enables her to analyse and determine the appropriate litigation strategy, to draft legal documents efficiently and to provide advice in contractual matters.

She speaks French and English, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.


Administrative support


Fatima AIT-FARES holds a diploma in human resources from the IMC Business School of Metz, France. She manages the secretariat of the firm.

With experience from other Luxembourg law firms, Fatima manages the schedule of the other members of the firm as well as the administrative follow-up of the files.

She speaks French and English.