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Contract Management


The lawyers at CHEVRIER & FAVARI have developed a speciality in Luxembourg in the field of Contract Management in order to assist clients, prime contractors and companies with complex projects.

Combining the rigour of the law with the flexibility required to manage a project, Contract Management is based on the following components:


1. Monitoring contract performance: the core of our Contract Management work as lawyers in Luxembourg

The first crucial step after signing a contract is to ensure that all parties respect their mutual obligations.

As part of Contract Management, we carefully monitor the application of contractual clauses, whether in terms of deliverables, meeting deadlines or compliance with specifications.

We also play a key role in anticipating and managing potential disputes, ensuring that our customers’ interests are protected at every stage of the operation.


2. Setting and checking milestones

Contracts, particularly large-scale ones, are often structured around milestones.

These milestones, whether financial, operational or time-related, enable commitments to be progressed in a controlled manner.

Our law firm, in its role as contract manager, works to define these milestones in collaboration with the parties involved, but above all to check that they have been achieved.

This stage not only ensures that the contract is progressing as planned, but also that the risks of any defaults or disputes are kept to a minimum.


3. Managing contractual changes

Because needs change and technical specifications can flucutate, it’s important to be in a position to amend contracts.

Our firm’s lawyers help our clients to cope with these changes, while protecting their interests and complying with both the contractual framework and Luxembourg regulations.

This aspect of contract management requires not only cutting-edge legal expertise, but also great negotiating skills and adaptability.


4. Issues relating to the acceptance of works, supplies and services

In our experience, one of the most delicate phases of a contract is the acceptance of the work, supplies or services provided.

It is at this stage that we validate whether the requirements have been met and that the consideration can be honoured.

Our Contract Management lawyers are involved in this phase, ensuring that the acceptance criteria are clearly defined, that any reservations are correctly formulated and that the validation processes are fair.

This role often includes mediation, helping to secure acceptance while respecting the interests of all parties.


5. Payment after acceptance and delivery

Once the order has been accepted, it’s time for the payment phase.

This process, although it may seem simple, is fraught with complexities, ranging from the verification of amounts to the management of payment deadlines, not to mention any contractual deductions or penalties.

Our firm manages this stage to ensure that these financial transactions comply with the terms of the contract and the regulations in force in Luxembourg.

In the event of disputes, our lawyers can provide legal expertise to facilitate negotiations (including dealing with claims for additional work) or, if necessary, initiate legal proceedings.


The contract management services we provide as lawyers in Luxembourg go far beyond simply drafting contracts. It encompasses a multitude of services, from rigorous monitoring of performance to managing changes, setting milestones and resolving complex issues.

Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for any further information regarding Contract Management in Luxembourg.


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