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Commercial Law


The lawyers at CHEVRIER & FAVARI advise you on commercial law in Luxembourg and represent you before the Luxembourg courts in the event of litigation.

Luxembourg, with its dynamic economic landscape, is home to many businesses and financial institutions.

Recognising that the need for expertise in commercial law is paramount to securing the life of your business and every contractual relationship, our law firm offers a full range of legal services covering the different aspects of commercial law.

Here is an overview of our areas of expertise in this sector:

  1.  Debt recovery
  2.  Preparation and review of contracts and transactions
  3.  Commercial leases
  4.  Commercial litigation
  5.  Company restructuring
  6.  Competition law
  7.  Consumer law


1. Debt recovery

Solvency is crucial to a company’s financial health.

Our law firm helps clients recover unpaid debts, whether through amicable negotiations or legal proceedings.

Our combined approach of legal analysis and business strategy ensures optimum results, by adopting the appropriate processes (formal notice, seizure, application for an order for payment, writ of bankruptcy, etc.) in the light of the issues at stake.

We can also advise you on how to prepare your defence and protect your rights in the event of forced collection proceedings being brought against you.


2. Preparation and review of contracts and transactions

Contracts are the cornerstone of any commercial transaction.

Our Luxembourg commercial lawyers prepare, review and negotiate contracts to safeguard our clients’ interests, ensuring that they are legally sound and commercially beneficial.

Additional mechanisms can also be incorporated in the case of B2B / B2G relationships.


3. Commercial leases

Our lawyers prepare and review commercial lease agreements in order to protect the interests of lessors and lessees as effectively as possible, taking particular account of issues relating to the expiry of leases and all disputes arising in relations between landlords and lessees (rent increases, rent indexation, termination of the lease, loss of use, application for a stay of eviction, setting up a sublease or assignment of a lease).

4. Commercial litigation

When disputes arise, our law firm is there to vigorously defend our clients’ interests in court.

Whether for contractual disputes, shareholder disputes or any other commercial conflict, our expertise is at our clients’ disposal.


    5. Company restructuring

    In a constantly changing economic world, many companies have to rethink their business model, review their structure or merge with other entities in order to remain competitive.

    Our lawyers advise companies through these complex periods, in particular by preparing contractual documentation (share transfer agreements, shareholders’ agreements) to ensure compliance with local regulations and a smooth transition for all stakeholders.


      6. Competition law

      In such a competitive market, it is essential to understand and comply with the rules of competition.

      Our lawyers advise our clients on all aspects of competition law, including cartels and abuses of dominant positions, to ensure that their activities are protected from any legal risk. 

      7. Consumer law

      Our law firm is competent to review general terms and conditions (B2B, B2C) to check their compliance with the obligations applicable in Luxembourg, particularly in terms of consumer protection, so as to avoid exposing oneself to the risk of an unfair clause rendering a commercial practice ineffective.

      We are committed to making the life of your business legally secure, by anticipating risks and helping you to deal with any incident. Our client-focused approach ensures that each service is tailored to your specific needs, adding value at every stage.

      Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for further information on commercial law in Luxembourg.



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