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Real Estate Law


The lawyers at CHEVRIER & FAVARI have extensive expertise in real estate law in Luxembourg, enabling us to offer a full range of services in this sector.

Our firm regularly assists owners, purchasers, tenants and construction companies in dealing with all issues relating to property law, construction law and tenancy law.

Here is an overview of our main areas of practice in this field:

  1.  Construction law
  2.  Lease contracts
  3.  Property acquisitions and transactions
  4.  Co-ownership law



    1. Construction law

    Luxembourg’s architectural landscape is constantly changing, and with it the legal challenges associated with construction.

    From negotiating contracts to managing defects and complying with environmental standards, our specialist construction lawyers are with our clients every step of the way.

    Our aim is to ensure that every project is completed to specification, on time and on budget, while complying with all applicable legislation.

    In the event of disputes, we can advise you on how to resolve them amicably, send a formal notice of default, or initiate amicable or legal expert appraisals.

    In the event of legal disputes, our aim will be to prepare a solid defence in the event that the liability of those involved in a project is called into question, particularly in the event of defects, lack of conformity or faulty workmanship.


    2. Lease contracts

    Property leasing is an essential part of the Luxembourg property market.

    Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, our expertise in tenancy law ensures that you have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations.

    We can help you draft, review and negotiate rental agreements (commercial, office, residential, etc.) and prepare amendments to ensure maximum security for the rental operation by anticipating any disputes that may arise, particularly at the end of a rental agreement, its renewal or termination.

    In the event of disputes, our lawyers can help you set up recovery procedures for rent arrears, as well as procedures for the judicial termination of leases and forced eviction.


    3. Property acquisitions and transactions

    Our firm plays a leading role in the property acquisition process, helping both institutional and individual clients to conclude property transactions.

    The aim is to prepare due diligence reports that give an account of the property and rental situation, identifying and weighing up potential risks, and checking that title deeds and planning and environmental permits are in order.

    We assess the clarity of titles, verify ownership rights, identify any easements or constraints and analyse all legal aspects to enable transactions to be financed, ensure a smooth transition and protect our clients’ interests.


    4. Co-ownership law

    With urban densification, co-ownership has become a way of life for many Luxembourg residents.

    Our law firm provides advice on the complex regulations surrounding the operation of condominiums.

    Whether setting up, managing or resolving disputes within co-owners’ associations, we are the partner of choice to ensure that the rights and obligations of all parties are clearly defined and respected.


    Over the years, our law firm has earned a reputation for excellence thanks to our integrated approach and expertise in Luxembourg real estate law. Our commitment to our clients is to provide first-class legal advice, with an emphasis on integrity, diligence and efficiency. Whatever your property law needs, we will be there to support you.

    Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for further information any further information on real estate law in Luxembourg.


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